Not Too Much Just Enough: 5 Good Reads You Can Appreciate

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Here are 5 blog posts we’ve come across on the web that we thought you would find useful. Hope you enjoy!


1)Are you considering self-publishing some of your best advice and expertise? Here’s How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book.

2)Many professionals believe that if they build it the traffic will come. “The reality is, you won’t get too much traffic from Google because your blog is new… it takes years before your search engine traffic will kick in.” So here’s how you get web traffic in the short run.  

3)Is it time for you to take a deeper look at your social media program, Beyond Marketing and see what The Organizational Impact of a Social Signal Is? [INFOGRAPHIC]

4)Thinking about running a Facebook contest? It’s good to be hip to the game! Here’s a great post on Facebook Contest Rules: Why They Boost Your Online Marketing

5) Looking to explore social media beyond Facebook? Here’s 5 Reasons to Consider Google Plus in Your Social Media Marketing Plan


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