Not Too Much Just Enough: 5 Good Reads You Can Appreciate

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Here are 5 blog posts we’ve come across on the web that we thought you would find useful. Hope you enjoy!

1)Are You Intergrating Your Social Media marketing efforts into other areas of your overall marketing strategy? It’s as painless as simply having a great email signature on your gmail account. Here’s  A Simple Strategy For Positioning Your Brand by Creating Your Email Signature Tagline 

 2)Have You steered away from Social Media because you were afraid that you would receive a whole bunch of negative feedback? Well, like it or not people are talking about you and social media in some way, shape or form is here to stay, so you might as well plan for the future. Here are 7 Ways To Deal With Negative Feedback  

3)Just Getting into the blogging world and feeling like you’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel (perhaps a blogger award, yes they do exist) Here is How Any Blogger Can Be Seen As An Authoritative Blogger.

 4)Is Facebook your main platform for social media marketing? Would you like to create “awesome” with your facebook brand? Here are  4 Tips to Evangelize Your Brand on Facebook


5)It’s Healthy to Go Back to the Basics when it comes to Marketing and Business. How to do that when you feel that your always running, and putting out fires? Focus on Relationships Not Tactics


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