3 Tips on Facebook Etiquette

If you haven’t heard, Facebook recently toted that they had about 901 million users  all the more reason to catch the wave and hop on board this particular social media channel. With that being said, once you’re here you will find that there are plenty of ways to interact with your current and potential clientele and/or partners off your branded page. As you take your messaging off your own page, it’s important to respect other users in an shared open atmosphere of communication.


  1. Be aware of how you self-promote

Would you go into someone’s house you just met, plop on their couch without being invited in, and start bragging about why your house looks so great and that they should come over and see how great it is, leave your belongings on their coffee table and leave? That’s essentially what you do when you start advertising on someone’s personal Facebook wall. Would you go into someone’s store dance on top of their counter tops while screaming to the owner and their customers to come to your store and check out your sales? Ok I’m over exaggerating a bit but you get the picture. When you start advertising on someone else’s business page even if it’s simply “come like my page too cause I just liked yours” *insert your link*   You are essentially stomping in around in their yard. Don’t feel horrible if you’ve done this (especially since others are doing it too) it’s a learning process for us all, (I am no exception)but once you’re educated, it’s time to make a conscious effort of the do’s and don’ts going forward. Unless the page is truly a “Promote Your Facebook Page” or the page owner welcomes your advertising, I would consider getting more creative rather than being intrusive.


  1. Respect the laws of the land

For instance, if you join a Facebook group for networking purposes or even simply to remember why you like this Facebook thing in the first place, the group more than likely has some rules in place to keep the community clean and progressively moving forward. The group rules are usually posted within a doc located at the top of the page. If the group hasn’t created a Facebook doc  making the rules plain a clear for all to see, they probably post several updates stating how they expect people to interact with one another in the shared space. You would be wise to follow the rules lest find yourself being put out of the group. Speaking of groups, last I checked anyone could add people to groups without their permission. Although you can easily leave a group once added it can be annoying for some people when they get a sudden burst of email notifications. I personally try to remember to ask people first or at least know them well enough to only add them to groups I honestly think would be to their benefit. I’ve been added to groups that had absolutely nothing to do with anything I try to represent which can be quite annoying.

  1. Reciprocate

If someone is taking the time out of their day to like your pictures, comment on your status updates, and share your content, acknowledge it as much as possible and try to do the same by leaving your own corner of the world by visiting and interacting in their world. This helps to develop relationships between you and the other person which captures the Social in social media. It gets harder to keep up with everyone as your community grows larger but be sure to extend a warm welcome, or a humble thanks to every once in awhile to those who support your online messaging, they really don’t have to stick around.


Would you like to add to this list on Facebook Etiquette?



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