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We provide quality social media management solutions and virtual marketing assistance for Coaches, Consultants, & other Service Professionals in South Jersey, the Greater Philadelphia region, and Beyond!

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  • Social Media Branding

    When a prospect discovers you via social media word of mouth, what will be their 1st impression? We can get you setup and optimized for social search, and create custom graphics and apps for your social media pages. Let us help you shine online!

  • Social Media Marketing

    Are you in need of a short-term social marketing campaign? We can help you promote your program, event, and product launches by leveraging social media!

  • Virtual Marketing Assistance

    You know how to “do” social media, you might even have a social media strategy in place, but you’re too busy to actually implement it. Isn’t it time to stop working in your business so you can finally work on your business? Do what you love and let us handle the web!

Are You Struggling to Build and Maintain A Thriving Web Presence?

If you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with all the changes taking place in social media and around the web then this site is for you!

At A & D Media, we understand how precious your time is and how important your work is to the people you serve. That’s why we have built our business to make things easier for you.Smms

As Social Media Marketing Specialists and Virtual Marketing Assistants it is our job to aid busy professionals who would rather work on what they love-Helping, Healing, and Empowering their Clientele, while we handle the web.

Our clients have included: Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Online Business Owners, Private Practice Therapists,  Counselors, Health and Empowerment Leaders, and other Service Professionals and Location-Independent Entrepreneurs.

We are Your “GO-TO Resource” for what’s going on in social media, and exploring relevant ways to leverage powerful online marketing tools to Grow YOUR Business.

You can consider us to be your very own social media management department, virtual marketing support team and digital advisers all combined into one. By choosing to work with A & D Media, you will have access to a team of dedicated virtual marketing specialists who strive to create quality experiences for you and the clients you serve through the delivery of personalized online marketing and virtual business management solutions.

A & D Media Services are the truth! I strongly recommend them! They have truly taken my business to another level. Thanks A & D Media!- N. Paschall

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Let A & D Media be the catalyst for change you desire to see in your business or organization TODAY! Check out our Services  and contact us at info@aplusdmedia.com or 856-537-8689 to schedule a free-no obligation 30 minute Discovery Session.


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