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What We Do

We provide done-for-you social media and virtual marketing assistance for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Authors in South Jersey, the Greater Philadelphia region, and Beyond!

Ask About Our Customized Services
  • Social Media Branding

    When a prospect discovers you via social media word of mouth, what will be their 1st impression? We can get you setup and optimized for social search, and create custom graphics and apps for your social media pages. Let us help you shine online!

  • Social Media Ads

    Are you in need of a short-term social marketing campaign? We can help you promote your program, event, and product launches by leveraging social media!

  • Social Media Management

    Do you have a social media strategy in place, but you’re too busy to actually implement it? Isn’t it time to stop working in your business so you can finally work on your business? Do what you love and let us handle the social web!

Who do you call when you’re struggling to build and maintain your social media presence?

The Ghost Busters? Captain America? Wonder Woman?

No. When you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with all things social media, you call A & D Media.

At A & D Media, we provide you with social media and virtual marketing assistant solutions, rescuing you from the perils of an ordinary web presence.

We transform you from an internet marketing victim to a social media superhero, through our streamlined process. This allows us to save your social media presence in a flash.

Before I partnered with Lynette and her team at A & D Media, my business was lacking in it’s social media engagement. Because of our work together, I was able to engage with thought leaders in my industry and grow my contacts and influence. M. Shannon Hernandez, The Writing Whisperer

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Choose Your Cape

Social Media Branding:

First impressions are everything. When you choose our social media branding service, we’ll set up and optimize your business for social search, and create custom graphics and apps for your social media pages. You only get one shot to thrill a prospect. Don’t leave it to chance.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising:

Traditional marketing methods are not as effective as they used to be. When you choose our social media marketing service, we promote your program, event, and product launches by leveraging the power of social media! Whether you need a short-term social marketing campaign or a substantial, time consuming social marketing campaign, we can help make your business endeavors successful.

Social Media Management:

You know how to “do” social media, you might even have a social media strategy in place, but you’re too busy to carry out the activities. When you choose our implementation services, we create, manage, and expand your social web presence. You can finally focus on your favorite part of entrepreneurship, doing what you love.

Put It On

Choose A & D Media, and we become your “GO-TO” social media resource. We provide you with powerful online marketing tools that leverage the internet and grow your business.

From coaches and consultants, to new media professionals we partner with clients anywhere in the US and beyond. By becoming your very own personal Social Media Management Team, we create quality experiences for you and the clients you serve through the delivery of personalized online marketing and virtual community management solutions.

Activate Your USP (Unique Super Powers)

At A & D Media, we understand how precious your time is and how important your work is to the people you serve.

When you choose our social media services, we free you to focus on doing what you love – helping, healing, and empowering your clientele instead of worrying about your web presence.

If you’re ready to take your social media and online web presence to the next level, contact A & D Media today!

Email us at info@aplusdmedia.com or Call us at 856-537-8689 to schedule a free-no obligation 30 minute Discovery Session where we welcome your questions and get better acquainted with your vision.



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